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Bourges has an incredibly rich culture and unique architectural heritage. With so many beautiful perfectly maintained and featured sites to see, it is more than just a simple detour. The Ramparts Promenade allows you to experience and discover the ruins of the Gallo-Roman wall built during the 4th century.

You will be in for many beautiful surprises while visiting the old city and its large number of half-timbered houses. With its Renaissance-style shop signs, stone sculptures, wood carvings, old cobblestone streets, narrow staircases, and place names, the town is full of precious reminders of the past: l'enclos des Capucins et des Bénédictins (Capuchin and Benedictine cloisters), l'enclos des Jacobins (Jacobins square), la cour fleur de Lys (Fleur de Lys courtyard), la rue du four au Roi (street of the King's Oven), de l'Alchimie (of Alchemy), des Vertus (of Virtues), l'impasse des Galants verts (Old Charmer's dead-end)…

Surroundings :

  • Route Jacques-Cœur
  • Roman churches in Berry
  • Central Loire Valley Vineyard Route (Sancerre, Menetou-salon, Quincy, Reuilly, etc.)

Come and discover our spectacular region :

  • Saint-Etienne Cathedral
  • Jacques-Coeur Palace
  • Les Nuits Lumière of Bourges (sound and light show)
  • Un Eté à Bourges (series of free concerts)
  • The old city
  • Berry Museum - Famous Arts and Traditions
  • Estève Museum - The Alderman's Palace
  • Natural History Museum
  • Lallemant Museum of Decorative Arts
  • Marshlands of Bourges
  • Berry Canal
  • The Archbishop's Garden
  • Prés-Fichaux Gardens
Hotel Angleterre Bourges
1, pl des Quatre-Piliers

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